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Graig Producers is a dedicated organic livestock marketing group, supplying organic beef and lamb to the multiple retail sector. In October 2012 GP merged with the farmer-controlled livestock marketing group Meadow Quality, although GP continues to maintain a separate identity and specialise in organic livestock.
Our farming members across England and Wales have many benefits of membership, apart from a market for their stock.

Graig Producers was started in the early 1990s to supply one of the UK's pioneering organic brands with a range of livestock for their premium quality, award-winning organic meats.

Since then it has grown to include several hundred organic farmers across England and Wales who work together to market their livestock, primarily through the supermarket sector.


Best Market - we will find the best market for your organic LAMB, BEEF, Over 30 MONTH BEEF and CULL COWS

Low-priced inputs - we will save you money with our low priced farming inputs.

Insurance - we insure against all the abattoirs we use.

Organic stores and other items marketplace - see our website www.organic-stores.co.uk

And Much More ....... (details here)

Working together can produce many benefits for both producers and consumers. Our farming members can produce what the consumer wants a consistent supply of high quality organic livestock, with a superb story behind it. And consumers can be sure that the food they eat is produced in the UK with high levels of animal welfare, and minimal impact on the environment.

The producer can benefit from increased influence in the marketplace, and a professional marketing body offering a range of benefits to his farming business.

Graig Producers opens up the food chain and have regular contacts with both supermarkets and their processors.

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